Candy Cane Cookie Ice Cream Pie Blog

Is it ever too cold for ice cream? And all the people said…NEVER! Especially when that ice cream is chocolate and vanilla layered with hot fudge, cookies, and candy canes, in the form of a PIE. It takes a little planning ahead, so make sure to read the recipe before you start, but it only takes 15 minutes of active work. The rest of the time involved is just waiting for the layers to freeze. Here’s a good plan: Layer the ice cream, watch an episode of your current favorite show, top it off with the whipped cream and binge for another two hours while the pie freezes. After that, it should be all frozen and ready to devour and you’ll be ready to binge the rest of that bake-off season you’ve been wanting to watch (except this time it’s better because pie). Another perk: This can be made up to 4 days in advance because it’s frozen! Just make it up, pop it in the freezer, and get back to relaxing and enjoying the holidays until you’re ready to pull it out.

MI-DEL® makes it super easy and convenient to make this amazing gluten and dairy free holiday dessert with their incomparable pre-made gluten free chocolate snap crust as well as their chocolate sandwich cookies. We have been gluten free for over 15 years, and we have been buying these chocolate sandwich cookies way longer than I have been a food blogger. These are the best we have tried!

My personal favorite part of this pie, besides the thick, chocolatey crust, is the fudgy cookie center. The crushed  MI-DEL® chocolate sandwich cookies mixed with my microwave hot fudge make the perfect crunchy but gooey chocolate center in this candy cane cookie pie and will leave everyone asking for another slice!

Check out the MI-DEL® store on Amazon or your local grocery store to buy all of your ingredients to make this pie before the holiday season runs out!

Click here for the full “Candy Cane Cookie Ice Cream Pie” recipe!